Dress Code

I don't own a tuxedo. What should I do?
You can either purchase one, borrow one from a friend or rent one. If you choose the latter option, Justin recommends The Black Tux. Stick with peak lapels in black or midnight navy.

How strict is the jacket and tie dress code for the Welcome Drinks?
Very strict. You will not be admitted to the Club if you do not adhere to the dress code.

There is no dress code mentioned for the marriage ceremony. What is the dress code?
A tuxedo would be acceptable given the dress code for the reception. If you do not feel like getting dressed in your tuxedo that early in the day, a jacket and tie (and equivalent for ladies) would be equally acceptable.


What is the purpose of the Welcome Drinks?
To kick off the weekend with friends and family and welcome you all to Philadelphia and the Main Line.

It is noted that cigars are welcome at the Welcome Drinks. Are we allowed to smoke at the Club?
Yes. The Philadelphia Club is one of the few establishments in the city of Philadelphia that is able to permit smoking inside of its facilities. If you plan on smoking, please bring your own cigar. 'Vaping' and the smoking of illicit substances is not permitted.

What is the purpose of the Sunday breakfast?
To have a final moment with all of our friends and family before parting ways. The Sunday breakfast will be an informal event. Guests are encouraged to come and go at their leisure. There is no dress code.